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Hi no Tori Fansubs

Welcome to the new host

Site NewsPosted by Azazel Sun, May 30, 2010 18:16:45
We at Hi no Tori fansubs would like to welcome you to our new dedicated host,

So what's changed here, well nothing really,

We have a new forum, namely cause bringing the old one across was going to be too much trouble, so we just built ourselves a new one, so yes I'm afraid you will need to create yourself a new account on the forums

We have transfered what we could across manually, but on the downside we havent been able to bring all the threads over given it would prove to be alot of work, maybe in time we will get some of the threads back again here at the new host.

Oh, yeah, cant forget the new blog front page, its quite a nifty thing our new host provides that does what we need it too do without too much hassell of the configuration side,

So remember to update your bookmarks in your browser to this site as we aim to make the transfer over to here painless as possible for everybody involved.


Enjoy and keep coming back to our crazy little world.


On behalf of the HnT team.

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