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Selections from Thunder Mask Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Fri, April 08, 2016 06:34:41
From the creative mind of Osamu Tezuka comes Thunder Mask:

'The evil alien Decandar have designs on Earth. When high school boy Koichi Inochi’s girlfriend Mayumi is possessed, he’s helpless to save her or the human race – until he too is possessed by a heroic alien life force known as Thundar, enabling him to transform into superhero Thunder Mask. Thunder Mask is more than a match for the Decandar invasion, but Koichi is tragically aware that saving Earth from aliens may mean condemning the innocent girl he loves to death.'

This show is literally lost... if I'm not mistaken from internet lore is that the negatives were destroyed by the ad agency... making it impossible to sub... the whole thing...

Thunder Mask Episode 13

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