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Site NewsPosted by Azazel Thu, March 24, 2016 16:39:18
XIII here with a quick update on the forums. Some of you may have noticed that the forums went offline for nearly an hour today. This was to allow us to upgrade the forum version we have to the latest branch.

Lots of files had to be downloaded and then uploaded.

As you may have seen with other forums that have migrated to php 3.1, the style has changed. This is due to the styles on php 3.0 not being compatible with the new version.

I held off for as long as I could before doing the upgrade to allow for more skins to be developed. I have gone with the new digi skin with the red tint on it. We have a few options we can play with if we want to change the colour. We will see how it goes for now.

We are also looking to replace the banner as that method has also changed. Probably worth doing that given how long we had the previous one of some stuff.

Another aspect to note, we are approaching our 6th year on this forum. Yes, we have been going on this for 6 years! We placed the order back in May 2010 for the web hosting. A lot has changed since then for all of us that work within Hi no Tori Fansubs.

We hope that you continue to stick with us as we work through our dream list of shows and neglected shows of yesteryear.

Here is to many more years that are to come.

Peace out


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