Hi no Tori Fansubs

Hi no Tori Fansubs

Dinosaur Catcher BORNFREE Promo 1 Released

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Wed, November 09, 2016 04:29:09
Trailer 1 is on the boards...

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Robot Detective Episode 22 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Sun, October 23, 2016 19:06:09
Who's Bad...? Shamone!

Robot Detective Episode 22: The Villainous Missileman, BAD's True Identity!!

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Robot Detective Episode 21 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Wed, October 05, 2016 03:53:33
Come to BAD island... for fun in the sun... and ROBOTS with big f'n guns...

Robot Detective Episode 21: The Terrible Dennetsuman, Mother Destroyed!!

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Choujin Barom-1 Theatrical Featurette Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Fri, September 02, 2016 09:16:32
The 'Tōei Manga Matsuri' is a festival established by Toei Animation in 1969 as a way to showcase their popular children's series as theatrical films during seasonal breaks in the school year (spring vacation, summer vacation, and winter vacation).

Choujin Barom-1 Theatrical Featurette

Two friends are chosen to become the hero Barom-1. Using their powers for good, they fight against the monsters attacking Earth.

For peace and justice!

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Silver Jaguar Pilot

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Sun, August 14, 2016 18:20:48
A planned series that fell through from the great P-Productions in 1981. Only a pilot was ever recorded. In 1984 there were also talks of a "New Silver Jaguar." It would be a Japan-France-US cooperation, but that also never came to fruition. There was a VHS release of it in 1984. The video was 60 minutes and contained the pilot episode and an introduction. There also seems to have been a 2013 September 13th CS broadcasting, which aired the pilot as the final segment of a show titled "Special Effects National Treasure."

It was also suppose to be 'the' successor to Space Giants and Spectreman... albeit more than a decade apart...

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Fireman Episode 05 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Wed, August 10, 2016 01:38:26
Dr. Steve Brule says:

“Its like a finger pointing away to the underground... Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that jurassic glory.”

by: Bruce Dingus

Fireman Episode 05: The Boy Who Fell Into The Jurassic Period

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Selections from Thunder Mask

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Mon, July 11, 2016 03:54:15
Back to square one... or episode one that is... We find out the origins of Thunder Mask.

Thunder Mask Episode 01

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Aiyan King Episode 01 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Tue, June 21, 2016 16:02:52
The 4th installment of our FanMade Fansubs: that is reminiscent of a tokusatsu era gone by...

Aiyan King, not to be confused with Iron King, based on the aforementioned name...

and if it makes you seek out and dust off your Iron King DVD's, then you are just as good if not a better man or woman than I... ...~and I'm all man... or 'All' --Zoolander reference... doh...

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