Hi no Tori Fansubs

Hi no Tori Fansubs

Ultraman Dyna Episode 08 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Mon, July 10, 2017 01:47:38
Another 'cute' episode...

And no we are not dead yet... maybe half-baked... but certainly not dead...

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Selections from Thunder Mask

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Thu, June 01, 2017 05:11:27
Devil Dekanda is dead... Long live Devil Dekanda...

Thunder Mask Episode 12

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More Ultraman Commercials...

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Thu, May 04, 2017 02:06:53
Updated with another batch of Ultraman commercials... this time from the Return of Ultraman Blu-ray... well... Bullmark's Bowling game get's a repeat... but with better clarity...

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Website and Forum

Site NewsPosted by XIII Sun, March 26, 2017 16:39:02
Today we have activated SSL on the website and forum. You can now browse the whole site using the https:// prefix.

We hope that you appreicate the addition of SSL on the site should you wish to encrypt your traffic. It may not be much, but it is the small things in life that make everything better.

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Giant Beast Planet Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Fri, March 03, 2017 11:15:59
Updated with another promo for BORNFREE... or is it?

Different characters...

Different vehicles...

Different name...

no clue... and there is not alot or any info on the interwebz...

Direct quote from our translator:

"This short clip's title is Kyoju Wakusei (巨獣惑星)
Some say Kyoju Wakusei was a pilot of BORNFREE. Not confirmed by Tsuburaya Productions."

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Selections from Thunder Mask

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Fri, March 03, 2017 10:31:09
It's another episode of your favorite and mine henshin hero from the past...

Thunder Mask Episode 03

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Ultraman Dyna Episode 07 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Sun, February 12, 2017 23:02:00
Furby's older, meaner brother makes a visit...

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Fireman Episode 06 Released!

Site NewsPosted by Exodus Sun, December 25, 2016 22:06:01
And how can this be...? For he 'IS' the Kwisatz Haderach...!

Fireman Episode 06: The Secret of Planet Gomerosu

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